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She Outranks You

When I meet a woman I really like, it is often incredibly fun. When the chemistry is right, she's "in the range" of what does it for me, I give in to the emotion and sex and completely enjoy the experience. I'm able to break away quickly when I need to, but I always give the girl my conditions of the relationship. 
She has to understand that I:
Must have veto power over all social events.
This means I am NOT going to do every single little family thing she must attend. If they aren't family to me, there is no reason for me to attend her sister's birthday party or grandpa's 99th birthday. 
Lots of guys, young and old, are dragged from one group of family and friends to the next every single weekend. They never choose who they hang out with because their woman makes that decision.
Will not be a best girlfriend.
See the pathetic losers waiting for their land-whale wives to finish shopping? Like complete dolts, they foolishly agreed to go shopping with their wo…
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Could You Love a Fat Chick?

Does this do it for you?
There is a growing movement, call it mainstream if you like, to accept and promote "attractive at any size" ideas. There is even an organization called the National Association of Fat Acceptance. 
Women of larger sizes are tired of not being adored and worshiped, so they are celebrating their size as "beautiful" or "healthy". Obviously, morbid obesity is not healthy or attractive and has serious health considerations, but that never stopped a popular social trend. 
For most of us guys, we don't mind if a woman is average or even has a few extra pounds, but a super fat chick is a huge turnoff. Only the most desperate guys will hook up with a whale like the one in the photo above. So, why is it now being considered sexy or trendsetting? Why are television programs focused on morbidly obese and their daily struggles?
Basically, Americans are getting fatter. Not just Americans, but specifically American women are getting larger th…

Understanding the Sex & The City Mindset

I was in a relationship a few years ago for a very short time. The girl was a lot of fun and the sex was pretty much non-stop. We were out with friends or at events all the time and people around us thought we were perfect together. 
She did have one terrible habit. In intimate moments or during romantic dinners, she would go off down memory lane about past sex partners and how great it was getting pumped and dumped. At first, I explained that I didn't want to hear it, that it was a huge turnoff to hear my girlfriend talk about how much she loved having sex with guys who used her and discarded her. She didn't understand.
"Why are you so threatened?" she asked.
Not only did she ask me this, but over the next few weeks at least four of her close friends approached me and asked me why I had such a hard time with my girlfriend's past.
I didn't have any "problem" with her past, but I had a big problem hearing in detail about how much she just loved gett…

Smart Men Stay Single

Back in 2004 after leaving yet another monogamous relationship, I had time to sit back and think about things. I went to the beach, got back into surfing in a big way. I went to some historic sites, went hiking on some of the more famous trails in Appalachia and the North East. 
I got a better car, started work at a high-dollar sales office and everything in my life turned around. I was happy, free, making money and doing things I wanted to do just about all the time. Even on weekends if I didn't have anything planned, I just had a quiet weekend at home and didn't feel sad or lonely or anything. 
Then that feeling came over me...
You know, when your life is going well and you have these impulses that you would really love to share this life you are having with someone special. The last time I had that impulse, I almost committed to a girl who was still hung up on her ex. Another time, I dated a girl who wanted a child immediately as she was turning 40 and her one night stands…

College Women

There are two types of women you'll meet in college. There are vast numbers of girls who, in more conservative times, would have already married and started having babies. These days, they go to college to f*ck lots of guys and have fun. They have hook-ups, boyfriends, springbreak sex partners and are always out shopping and going to bars and restaurants. These girls are mostly trash and are not good relationship/wife material. Most of them do get married, but they have a lot of mileage and emotional damage. There is, however, another group which is downright dangerous. 
These are the protestors, the soft-science majors, the morbidly obese and horribly ugly women who have had little or no attention from men and are very angry. Typically, you'll see more of these women in areas where masculinity is almost dead (New England, liberal cities, etc.). They come to college knowing that you are an oppressor and you are working night and day to make their lives miserable. They are comi…

Want the Fairy Tale?

There was a time, not too many years ago when a relationship was something that often lasted a lifetime. Those days are long gone. Both men and women are expected to be leaders, self-supporting workers and decision makers in the office and at home.
This goes against every instinct a man has. It's not about being against equality, but about our natural roles. Women also feel the natural impulses, but the expectations of women are much higher. Women are very aggressive against other women who choose to be housewives or simply raise a family. It is very difficult work, but it isn't respected by the childless career women. So, being feminine and traditional is almost seen as reactionary and wrong.
What does this mean for relationships?
It means there are a lot less women who want a traditional relationship. In fact, many relationships degenerate into grudge matches over "who is in control" or "why aren't you respecting my feelings". In marriage counseling,…

Don't Have Children

In this day and age, it's become dramatically more expensive to have children if you are a responsible adult. Of course, lots of lower-income people have more children than they can care for, so the costs are offset to people who actually work for a living.
People still want children, but you have many more decisions to make. As a man you have to ensure your interests are protected.
Women have all the rights in a relationship due to family law changes over the last 30 years. You can be arrested and charged for something that never happened based on the fake tears of any woman who accuses you. This happens frequently. In addition, a child's false accusation can also land you in prison. So, if you find yourself in a relationship with a woman who is unreasonable or willing to use the authorities against you, be prepared to so submissive 24/7 or you will find yourself in big trouble. This effectively means women (legally) take the masculine and legitimately legal control of house…