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Nice Guys Finish Last

We've all heard the saying that Nice Guys Finish Last. It's taken to mean that if you lack a competitive spirit aren't willing to break the rules now and then, you are a loser.
Women have a use for nice guys. He's the guy who fixes your computer at work; stops to change your flat tire and refuses money, or helps you with some emotional crisis - usually without wanting or expecting anything in return. Basically the nice guy is the one who may or may not have a sexual/emotional interest in a woman, but thinks his basic goodness is enough. 
Well, it isn't. Women love confidence and self-direction, so if you are a nice guy, you cannot be Mr. Nice Guy all the time. You'll never have a girlfriend, a wife, a partner, nothing.  It seems counter-intuitive. We are taught that women are the gentler sex and need to be treated kindly at all times. This doesn't mean you have to put her on a pedestal, because she won't respect you. If she thinks you are interested and…
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How Women Behave Without Male Authority

I've been in professional situations where women isn't pretty. They fight constantly and the dominant ones get what they want by screaming louder than the rest.  Some can be pleasant and reasonable, but those are not the ones in charge.
In the home, they focus on "new", "novelty", and "getting". This means shopping, going out to restaurants and watching something new or exciting on television is "good". Something not fun is bad...always.
I've seen this dynamic with women, but a reader on 4Chan recently summarized the situation beautifully. You see, women want the idea of something, not the practical consequences. They love the new mysterious boyfriend and will f*ck her lights out for two weeks with no protection; but they don't like the unplanned pregnancy and the raging case of herpes.  Of course, that was never considered in the heat of the moment.
They love the idea of getting a pet, but all the sometimes messy clea…

History Repeating

Men are more logical and women are more emotional. Obvious, of course, but people still don't pay attention to this reality and adopt the Marxist view that all of us are exactly the same. 
This is why men and women get along really well in the Deep South. Women want masculine men and men want feminine women. Southerners are happy to live their pre-programmed roles and there really is no Battle of the Sexes south of the Mason-Dixon line.
Up north, the universities and leftist think-tanks are hardcore feminist. They rage against male energy and behavior and demand more and more constraints on masculinity. Oddly enough, it's in the Northeast where most men are very feminine and emasculated. Men are backing away from aggressive women, yet the women seem more enraged than ever.
In Europe, the women are generally leftist and feminist and have an outright and open contempt for their men. You'd think in the most egalitarian nations on earth that they would relax and let men be me…

Women: Your Boss at Work and at Home

If you are in a live-in arrangement with a woman, or married (God forbid), you know that one of the key parts of the relationship is letting her win. That means at home, she often battles you to be The Boss. 
Women don't understand that to have a good relationship with a man that is rewarding and long-lasting, you cannot take his leadership role from him. If she is always fighting to control every decision, why doesn't she earn all the money? If she has to make all the choices, why doesn't she do the yard work? Men withdraw and stop being attracted when women are in charge. This is why non-traditional marriages nearly always fail.  Very liberal couples brag how they are progressive and how their relationships can weather any storm. Most progressive marriages consist of a very feminine guy who wants his masculine wife to take the lead. There are no truly healthy and happy relationships that do not follow a traditional model.
At work, it is worse. Women aren…

Let's Hate on Married Men, another opinion site that revels in social fads instead of reality, has a must-read piece for women who are thinking of ending their marriages. The big news is that men and women have different behavior after the babies arrive. Oh no, really?
Women are thrilled that men are helping out with chores before baby arrives, sharing in the cleaning and cooking and making Her Majesty the center of attention. Of course, when the baby arrives, women naturally turn to domestic/child rearing mode while men start relaxing and taking the role of traditional dad. Women aren't happy. They don't want a traditional relationship; they want that modern thing they see on television every day. You know..where the man does about 60% of the household chores or changes diapers. Many of us fathers have been there. Our women are so emancipated, they not only want to be modern and traditional at the same time, but they want you to pick up all the slack; make most of the money and do most of th…

In The New Economy, Nobody Cares About Men

The Atlantic has an interesting article about the fallout from the collapse of manufacturing and industry back east. It talks all about how women can't find men, or their men have died of heroin overdoses or been locked up for crimes. 
The article does a little background on how women are thriving in jobs, getting more advanced degrees and handling both work and home life and children  all on their own. While men are suffering greatly and pretty much losing the will to live, The Atlantic goes to great lengths to sympathize with the women who hold all the jobs - and of course, the lonely nights they spend wondering if they'll ever have a man again.
I would think watching a huge percentage of men self-destructing because of job loss or addiction would spring society into action, but White men are pretty much garbage to the national consciousness. Sadly, what matters is advancing women's interests and professional success.  It's interesting that men are dying, turning to …

Want to Get Rich?

Don't get married. Quite a few billionaires have noted that during the times of their greatest breakthroughs and most surprising successes, it has been all on their own. The greatest inventors lived on their own or had supportive, but not "needy" partners. 
You see, they weren't required to be "BFFs" to women who required their complete attention. They had time to think, to dream, to come up with ideas that could be molded into reality. They could write, paint, invent and build businesses that employed vast numbers of professionals. With a woman owning you every evening and all weekend long, you don't have that ability.
One of the saddest stories I heard about wasted time involved a very famous archaeologist. He had experienced amazing success in digs all over the Middle East and had published many important papers. Sadly, his professional life was very short. He hadn't become a practicing archaeologist until he was sixty five years old. Until that …